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Consumer product design and engineering



-Injection moulding product design

-Steelwork, stamping and die casting product design

-Consumer product


-Finite Element and Stress Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD

-How we work and how much costs?

Consumer product industrial design and ingeneering

We can work with you in creating the most competitive product, either participating in the whole process from the user experience research and marketing analysis, up to the detail engineering and design for manufacturing.

Our experience designing for several markets and for either independent inventors or large multinationals proves how easy we can adapt to your requirements and understand where your product want to be positioned and we make sure it gets there.

diseno productos consumo



diseño portalaptopdiseño portalaptop
Laptop case with stand
  portacelularporta ipod
JO IPod Car Holder by X Castro
  diseños de estuche celularestuche ipod
Neoprene Ipod case
Household fridge
  diseño prototipos refrigerador diseño prototipos
Household refrigerator design
  diseño prototiposdiseño prototipos
Household refrigerator drawer
  cargador inalambricocargador inalambrico
Wireless power pad
  diseño zapatotenis
Trainer Solidworks modelled
  diseño parrilladiseño asador
Under cupboard grill
  raclette diseñoraclette de aluminio
Swiss raclete
  parrilla para mesaingenieria parrilla electrica
Table electric gril
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