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Contract Design Engineer in Cambridge



-Injection moulding product design

-Steelwork, stamping and die casting product design

-Consumer product


-Finite Element and Stress Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD

-How we work and how much costs?
retail refrigerator
Retail refrigeration
raclette design
Swiss raclette

Contract and Freelance Product Design Engineer in Cambridge

From presenting concepts to a full engineered solution we can help companies and design consultancies in any stage of their product development process.

Working either as contract design on your premises or form our offices in Norwich, we have helped several customers from a wide range of industries in the design engineering process and developing new products.

We understand how important is to provide fast response, flexibility, quality and price. Using mainly Solidworks, but also in many other packages, we provide an outstanding service as contract and freelance design engineer.

Our offices are located in Norwich but we are happy to undertake any contract or freelance design engineer or industrial design project for any company or client in Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk or around East Anglia.

Some of the areas where we can help:

Solidworks contract design engineer

  We are ready to jump into any project for a fixed time at the client's premises. Our flexibility allows us to move around East Anglia, in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk. produc design

Design / 3D Modelling


Working from our office in Cambridge, or at your premises we can develop design concepts, create 3d models and provide engineer solutions for any product development process. We are Proficient Solidworks users with experience also using AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro E and 3dmax for rendering

3D rendering


Using the latest software and technology we can help you create 3d renders of simple and complex shapes. We make sure they are easy to export to any platform and communicate clearly your product´s advantages. (see animations bellow)

Detail engineering


Produce the required drawings and models to communicate with suppliers and customers. We pay extreme attention into the smallest details and make sure every part, component or assembly is solved in the most efficient possible way.



We use all rapid prototyping techniques and have partners who can deliver prototypes in days. Also, we can fabricate complicated mechanisms and products in very short time. Among the process we use are: Stereolithography (SLA), Selective laser sintering (SLS) Fused deposition modeling (FDM), vacuum casting and CNC machining. We can also produce sample and prototypes in many other methods.


  FEA (Finite element analysis) for structure and mechanical optimization and reduce material usage. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to validate thermal and aerodynamic properties.

Animations and presentations


Create eye-catching 3d animations , still images or PowerPoint presentations to present your product and ideas to customers, clients, users or investors.

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